1 airbag compatible with 3 jackets

Harcour has partnered with Hit-Air to create 3 compatible jacket models to integrate a Hit-Air airbag liner. The set has been specially developed to achieve unparalleled comfort and lightness.

Comfort and elegance

The integrated Harcour x Hit-Air airbag is lighter than a conventional airbag and is one of the most discreet on the market. It has been specially designed to fit perfectly with the 3 new Harcour jackets.

The bi-stretch material of the jackets has been designed to be hyper-stretch and allows optimal breathability thanks to micro-perforated material. The fabric is also water-repellent to ensure riding in all weathers.

An ultra technical product

Two years of research were needed to offer riders a state-of-the-art product. Hit-Air has worked on the development of an ultra light and comfortable airbag liner especially for this collaboration.

Protection and security

Patented complete protection meeting the security requirements of the European market. When triggered, the airbag protects the neck, rib cage, back, abdomen, lumbar region and coccyx.

A Hit Air airbag vest has up to 23 liters of protective volume.

In the event of a fall, breaking the cable unlocks the system and releases the CO2 contained in a cartridge provided for this purpose by percussion. Whatever the size, the airbag deploys in less than 200 ms and protects the individual with a set of air cushions that cushion the impact of the fall.

Products in the range

Discover our 3 packs consisting of a Harcour jacket and a Hit-Air airbag liner.

The Air bag lining is adaptable to the 3 Harcour jackets and is therefore interchangeable

Jackets are also offered as stand-alone items.

PACK SENJO sleeveless vest and Harcour x Hit-Air airbag

The Senjo sleeveless vest is designed in a stretch fabric, which will allow you to wear it during your workouts. It is light and brings you comfort when you are riding.

Pack price = €519.98 (Vest alone = €119.98)


PACK HOTAKA technical jacket and Harcour x Hit-Air airbag

Designed in a bi-material Stretch fabric, making it ideal during your workouts.

Price of the pack = 579.98€ (Jacket only = 179.98€)


PACK KANJI competition jacket and Harcour x Hit-Air airbag

This riding jacket is designed with a Stretch material, making it a comfortable and water-repellent competition jacket.

Price of the pack = 619.98€ (Jacket only = 219.98€)


To learn more about Hit-Air, click here

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